October 03, 2008

About Me.

Where to begin...

Well, let me start off, I hate you, unless you are alexthechick, or any Eastern block chick.  I am what I am.

I grew up in what some would call in the BFE (butt-f*ck Egypt) of southern Illinois. A very isolated part of the country where the word "wash" was pronounced "wersh". 

Blah, blah, blah, academic success, chemistry degree, oh shit I'm broke, join the Army, commo, blah, set foot on every continent except Penguin Land, learned Korean, Russian, and hardest of all Texan, blah, etc. 

The only way that I don't hate you unless you are Russian or alexthechick, is to donate to Soldier's Angels.  If you don't meet that criteria, you can F off and Die.  

I recommend some babysitting if you can.

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